If you love Nebraska public schools and want to learn about how you can show support, you’ve come to the right place.

What does it mean to love
public schools?

  1. Pay attention.
    Stay informed on local news coverage about education.
  2. Take an interest.
    Know your neighborhood school – its name, location, and a few basic facts. Visit your neighborhood school’s website or request a tour.
  3. Engage in conversation. 
    Talk to people who work in public schools. Ask them about the success they’ve experienced and the challenges they face. Tell others about what you learn.
  4. Understand. 
    Recognize what issues are impacting schools in Nebraska. Learn how public schools are already closing the achievement gap and raising the bar.
  5. Share your skills.
    Whether you’re a graphic designer, pastry chef, construction manager, marketing professional, homemaker, skateboarder or lawyer, we all have skills that we could share with a school in our community. Make a call to a school and learn how you can help.

Spread the love further with these quick actions!

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