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Angie Shaw

A glimpse inside our first grade Fort Night

A glimpse inside our first grade Fort Night

So this happened... I got to meet in a blanket fort worth 16 of my 21 students & 3 special mystery guests! It was our 1st grade FortNight!😉

Good golly, I haven't built a blanket fort in... well... heck, 1/2 a century! But tonight we came together & created a memory of a lifetime together! My amazing hubby rocked the pop-up blanket Fort construction project by climbing up into the rafters in the garage to dig out the Christmas lights, & he even installed a makeshift AIR CONDITIONING unit on the floor outside of our walk-in closet (aka: thank God for oscillating fans!) to cool my blanket Fort! #hotflashfort 😉

People ask how it's going, teaching from home during this season of Covid-19 Quaran-teaching. My best answer is this! It's those extra-special magical moments like this... that make all the tears & sleepless nights & missing my kiddo something fierce that makes moments like tonight remind me that this is all that matters! This is what we do when we love kids!

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