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Angie Vogel

Our HOPEsters playing Ninja” as an icebreaker game!

Beatrice Middle School students held our monthly HOPEsters meeting this morning to kick off HOPE Friday! HOPE stands for "Hold On. Persuade. Empower." Our mission is to spread hope and happiness throughout our school to help our school culture be even more positive. We want our students to Hold On to hope and Persuade and Empower others to share big love in lots of little ways.

The first Friday of every month the HOPEsters meet and help our HOPE Squad put on their HOPE Friday event! The HOPE Squad is a group of students that are nominated by their peers to help spread hope and suicide prevention in our school. HOPEsters is an extension group of our HOPE squad.

Anyone can join the HOPEsters and we had 111 students attend today's meeting, roughly 25% of our student body. Today's HOPE challenge was to greet other students with a high-five throughout the day. We love our school and love this group of positive students who want to make a big impact on our school!

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