I Love Public Schools I Love Public Schools

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Ashley Fehringer

The opportunities students have at Sidney Public Schools are phenomenal! Not only do students have the ability to be engaged in extracurricular activities through athletics, musicals, band, choir, or over 20 different clubs, but the class offerings are also amazing. Sidney's Career Pathways program allows students to choose classes they want to be in that will actually contribute to their post-secondary plan. They also have a long list of classes that are offered for dual credit, allowing students to get a head start on their postsecondary education. Sidney also prides itself on providing advanced technology and numerous internship opportunities.

My first year of teaching I discovered an opportunity to offer a female-based fitness class. I went to administration and told them of my idea and right away I had their approval and full support. The support we have from our administration team makes coming to my job every day more enjoyable and makes me proud to work for SHS.

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