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Brandon Ross

Mrs. Joydene McCarville has been a part of our middle school staff since 1996. Her smile is one of the first things you can see when you enter the building in the morning as she stands in the hallway to greet students. She loves being an educator and it’s something she has always wanted to be since she used to “play school” with her siblings growing up in Wood River, Nebraska. She thought of joining the Air Force or possibly being a Lab Tech; a few decades of students have been blessed by her decision to become a teacher.

When asked why she still teaches and she replied “to make a difference for others and leave this world just a little better. This is my success criteria. If even in some small way I can assist a student in achieving their dreams, that is to have succeeded.” She also loves what she calls “their magnesium moment” when they start to understand what they are studying and the light comes on.

Mrs. McCarville is a true inspiration to staff and students alike.

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