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Mindy Burton

Mindy Burton

"I once had a student who spent about six weeks of class time creating a clay head sculpture of Steph Curry. It was a terrific likeness, but when the sculpture was fired in the kiln, the sculpture literally shattered into some larger pieces but also thousands of tiny pieces. I felt so terrible, his broken heap was the worst damage I'd ever seen.

I was expecting he would throw the project away and find some other way to earn a grade. But he wanted this sculpture and he began to sort through what I felt was an impossible pile of pieces. He would come to work in my room before and after school as well as work in class to glue the sculpture back together.

His determination was endless and nothing short of amazing. Some parts had to be repaired and filled in with plaster and sanded to look even. But he did it! There was still a pile the size of a plate of spaghetti that did not even get put back on the sculpture. I use him as an example to this day."

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