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Carina Rolf

My favorite memory: Last year, I had a young lady in my class who was 'not a math person'. She scored 5's (the lowest grade) on most of what we were doing and was extremely frustrated with math class. It took some time, but I built a relationship with her, invested time and positive feedback, and boy was it worth it! We started our Algebra unit and she earned a 1 on EVERY assignment and test!!!! It was amazing to see her light up every time she outperformed her own expectations. Now, she is a 'math person'. It was an amazing transformation. She will have to continue working hard; but now, she has seen that she is capable and can tackle all the challenges that she faces! Not only did she gain something from our time together; but I learned that my perseverance is critical, even if it takes the entire school year. Her smile is forever stored away in my memory bank and motivates me to keep trying in the most difficult of teaching situations.

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