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Carrie Bauers

I am an HS science teacher in Shelby, NE, but am here to tell you about Ryan Ruhl who is now the superintendent at Centura Public Schools. When I knew Mr. Ruhl, he was an HS science teacher at Centennial Public Schools. It was evident that he was passionate about the content he taught. He knew how to make it fun and engaging while also being challenging. I still remember our egg drop challenge, mouse car projects, and bridge-building competitions (where he guided us to the national competition). Because of Mr. Ruhl, I was inspired to pursue my interest in science, taking all the classes he offered and continuing on in a science field in college. I didn't start out teaching science, but once I decided the classroom was where I was meant to be, I knew I wanted to inspire students to love science just as Mr. Ruhl inspired me. Thank you, Mr. Ruhl, for all you did in those early years as an educator. I will forever be grateful!

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