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Courtney Scott

Courtney Scott, our #FeeltheLoveFriday October 2020 Educator, discusses one of her proudest moments as a teacher.

⁠One of my proudest moments was when one of my previous students who had struggled academically and disliked coming to school came back to me years later and thanked me for being their teacher that year. They told me that they wanted to be a teacher just like me.

I had a student who struggled in reading. Their struggle caused them to act out and have other behavior problems. I built a relationship with the child and found out their interests. They enjoyed one on one time with me, so as a reward I allowed that student to eat lunch with me if they completed their reading work. Once the plan was in place, we had lunch together every day for the rest of the school year!

We are a small school, but we are doing many great things for our students and our community. We are definitely making a difference!

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