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For Jackie Vanis

Mrs. Jackie Vanis has been educating and making a positive impact on kids for over 30 years. Her work as a special education teacher impacts impressionable adolescents throughout our entire school, not just her classroom. She is constantly evaluating her effectiveness to make sure students are learning to their full potential. Mrs. Vanis challenges kids, holds people accountable and communicates the necessary information while displaying a truly caring personality to all vested parties. Kids know the high expectations she has for them while also looking forward to her uplifting smile and words of encouragement. She facilitates thorough and compassionate IEPs by doing the necessary research, communicating with all parties and detailed planning prior to the meeting. Her ability to have direct, difficult and genuine discussions with parents is credited to her relationship skills. She skillfully imposes a feeling of self-worth to each of her resource students. A true leader of kids.

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