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Jane Dodson

Learning activity during, I Love To Read!” Day

I am nominating Christina Jareske as an exceptional educator. Christina teaches 1st grade at North Park Elem. I have been a media specialist at North Park for 31 years. I work with all of the classroom teachers. Christina is what I would call, a Master Teacher. She is very knowledgeable of the curriculum and how to deliver it effectively. She has high expectations for her kids. She encourages each one to reach their potential. She is kind, calm and respectful to every student, no matter what situation is unfolding in her room. She integrates technology into lessons. Our one-to-one devices are not toys or ways to pass a few minutes here and there. They are tools to help her students engage in the curriculum and learn. Mrs. Jareske is a coworker everyone would want to have. She is a team player. If you need help or advice, Christina is one of the first people you would think to go to. Mrs. Jareske is a hard working veteran teacher I admire. We are fortunate to have her at North Park!

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