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I nominate Mrs. Bowers at Benson West. She was my 5th grade teacher. When I was having troubles, she would help me out. She would help me feel better when I was always down and she helped me when I didn’t understand something like reading, math, etc. She always reminded me to go to the nurse to take my afternoon medicine. She was very helpful, she was also very detailed, and very caring for the kids in the classroom. She always told me to never give up when I would say that I was gonna give up on something. She also was friends with my mom and grandma, and she did a lot of stuff, so we weren’t bored in the classroom. She would sometimes let us go to the small park and sometimes to the big park. She also let us pick where we wanted to sit (by the people that we wanted to). She was nice, but sometimes she can be mean, mostly because of the kids. I liked how she had everything organized and not all over the place.

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