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Karisa Dubbs

Bailey Aupperlee 2nd grade Shoemaker Grand Island NE

Mrs. Aupperlee has been an amazing teacher for my daughter, who has a very restricted diet due to an inborn error in metabolism. The diet consists of reading labels to know all the ingredients and the rounded amount of protein. The class was curious about “ok” treats to bring for Valentine’s day for my daughter and Mrs. Aupperlee let the class learn about nutritional labels with my daughter taking the lead! It sounds like it was good conversation, questions and answers and my daughter come home proud that this happened! Mrs. Aupperlee was confident that my daughter could educate her peers on this and with her support she did it!

Aside from just my daughter, she sparks their interest and gets them motivated to learn. Mrs. Aupperlee continues to build students up outside of her classroom, when they have moved in from 2nd grade by staying in touch with them, rooting them on and encouraging their new endeavors.

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