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Kathryn Houser

I nominate Ms. Amy Weber who has been our math teacher at Meridian High School-Daykin, NE for 22 years. She has brought about excellent changes in our math program. About five years ago (even before the pandemic), she started taping her classes so any student who was absent could watch her class on YouTube and see all the information, etc. she taught that day. And who knew how helpful that would be when the pandemic hit. The students were already used to watching her teach online.

Ms. Weber is there for her students in all phases of their lives. She is like their "second mom" and is not afraid to push them to their potential. She listens to them and understands the challenges many of her students are going through.

She set up part of her chalk board with squares so she is able to put all weekly assignments there. She has students write down their own assignments on days they are at a school event. She is teaching them to be organized and to be responsible.

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