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Lacey Russel

I had a student who came from a family where no one attended college. They didn't have a lot of money and she just accepted the fact that she, too, would never attend college. We talked a lot about personal interests and how to tie those interests to a possible career path. We determined after a year together that her love of art and design could lead to a career in interior or graphic design. The more time she spent in class the more she wanted to go to college. After class, she would come to my room to talk about scholarships and college applications. She received several scholarships and applied to several colleges and was accepted to attend. She worked hard, stayed determined, and achieved a goal she didn't know was even possible.

In Sidney, we still honor our small-town values but offer extraordinary opportunities for our students! We are always trying to find new ways to advance the educational mission of our school to meet the needs of our changing world and economy.

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