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Liliana Cudly

My name is Liliana Cudly and I nominate Mr. Mark Harman from Fremont High School as Music Educator of the Month. Not only has he inspired me, but our whole community. Spring of 2019 we had to postpone our musical because of catastrophic flooding. Mr. Harman encouraged us to use the time to help the community by volunteering, so we helped everywhere we could. Two weeks later, we were able to perform our musical and Mr. Harman arranged a free performance for first responders. After it was announced we had been invited to 2020 Top Choirs of America to perform at Carnegie Hall, we planned a Community Christmas Carol Gram to raise awareness of our trip. Students and families volunteered to sing Christmas Carols throughout the community. Sadly, we aren’t sure we’ll be able to perform the musical or go to NYC due to the pandemic. Mr. Harman puts in countless hours outside class helping students and he always has our backs. He has inspired every students’ love of music and love of community.

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