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Maggie Bach

It was our first full day of the school year and I have two students who are new to the district in my classroom. One girl and one boy. At lunch time I made sure everyone had their lunch number and we proceeded to the lunch room. While standing in line my new girl student became overwhelmed and started crying. I teach 6th grade and rarely have to deal with tears, but I comforted her and went through the line with her and we made our way to the table for the 6th graders. A couple girls from my class had saved her a seat. My eyes began to water, but I tried to keep it hidden from my class. I wished them a great lunch and went to eat in the teachers lounge. After lunch at recess, the same group of girls asked the new student to play tag with them. By now my heart was overflowing with joy. I am so proud of my students. On only our second day together they showed a tremendous amount of kindness. I know it will continue all year.

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