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Peyton Hofmann

Karey Killion engages her seniors with dominoes as learning manipulatives.

I have Mrs. Karey Killion for 1st period pre-algebra, and usually that would be terrible because...math...in the morning, right? But she is a cheerful first face to see. When she is having a good morning, you can’t help but smile too. You can tell she is passionate about her job by the way she talks to students and how she teaches. She has fun with us and asks about our evenings and weekends. I apply her sayings to my everyday life. My favorite is, “I know it’s hard, but that means you’re learning.” Now I say it to myself when things get tough. She expects the best you have because she puts faith in what you can do. She teaches you to do it right the first time and always put in full effort, even if there is an easier way. I am reminded it’s okay to make mistakes; it’s not the end of the world if I’m not right. She is a teacher that cares, and she definitely deserves recognition for everything she’s done for the students at High Plains Community Schools.

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