I Love Public Schools I Love Public Schools

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Tammera Mittelstet

Our daughter after completing her Zeman Marathon, which has inspired her love of running.

I researched our public schools prior to moving here from another state. We were looking for the right fit for our family, a school that embodied the idea of community, educated about our diverse world, truly believed in inclusion and believed in educating the whole child. We found that school in Zeman Elementary in Lincoln Public Schools. The traditions of excellence in the classroom have been passed down through the generations and the pride felt by the students and staff is evident, but the all-encompassing tradition that stood out to us as parents is the Zeman marathon. All students participate in this amazing event where the children are encouraged to develop healthy lifestyle choices and the Zeman community comes out to support them. We will never forget the moment we realized our daughter, a kindergartener at the time, loved to run. Every picture we have of her of that moment is of her smiling and laughing. Thank you Zeman team for instilling a love of health in my child.

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