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Tammy Carson

My 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Heine, showed me a love for school. She was this tiny person, but her smile was infectious and her hugs made you feel like you were the most loved person in the world. Every single day she met us at the door with a smile and took the time to chit chat with us each individually. She gave us each a hug and sent us into the classroom to get ready for the day. I remember feeling so special, even though she did this for every single one of us. Math was very intimidating for me and I hated it. Mrs. Heine was patient and kind and my anxiety would diminish because she was my teacher. No matter what, she let me know she believed in me. She cared about me and with her I learned to get excited for school and even math. Talk about Social Emotional Learning! Today, when I greet students I think of Mrs. Heine. I try to give the same kind of hugs and smiles that she gave. I want our students to feel special, loved and safe, just like she made me feel.

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