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Teresa M Kapperman

McCool Junction Public School has a school wide tradition. All students that attend activities clean the gym after the events. So after each volleyball game, basketball game, wrestling meet, speech contest and any other event that our students attend you can see them finding waste baskets and picking up trash. This includes away events as well. At home events the kids sweep the gym floor and make sure everything is ready for the next day.

Our superintendent, Dr. Cogswell set this expectation as a means of helping our students understand service. It started with the student counsel leading the way and it has turned into a badge of honor for our kids. As Dr. Cogswell explained, "Service is what will get you places in this world. People will not remember who won the game but they will never forget how you helped them." This is proven by the many letters of appreciation he receives from patrons, superintendents and coaches from other teams, and the pride we see in our students.

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