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Teresa Matthews

Bryn is front/​center!

My nomination for an Exceptional Educator is Bryn Johnson. Ms. Johnson teaches K-6 Art at Westbrook Elementary with Westside. Bryn serves as our Elementary Art Curriculum Leader which is challenging in a normal year but monumental during the past year of Covid. With her vision, grace and leadership our K-6 Art team adapted to online/hybrid lessons almost seamlessly. Her leadership enabled us to collaborate on how to manage our curriculum for our at home learners, while making it equitable for all students across our district. She advocates for the Arts and her team in order to deliver high-quality lessons. In the midst of the madness of the year, not only did she contract Covid herself, but she switched schools when a colleague retired. She has taken on mentoring a new colleague and supporting a long term sub this year. If any of us have a question, she is quick to respond. Ms. Johnson is truly an exceptional teacher, colleague and friend.

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