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Tessie Beaver

The Sunshine Committee comprised of Katie Scholl, Bre Muehlich, Jodi Dorcey, and Kinsey Wemhoff brightens everyone's day! This outstanding group of educators saw a need within our school to build camaraderie and created the Sunshine Committee.
Throughout the year, the Sunshine Committee celebrates traditional events including birthdays, bridal and baby showers, however these ladies go above and beyond to make North Bend Central Elementary something special.
They host monthly Breakfast Clubs, provide treats and notes in the lounge and in staff mailboxes, and organize everyone's favorite- comfy clothes days!
This year the Sunshine Committee took the lead with organizing a silent auction for a staff member to help cover medical expenses. Their efforts raised over $5000! Throughout the ups and downs of the last few years, the Sunshine Committee has been a source of hope and a ray of sunshine in our lives!

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