I Love Public Schools I Love Public Schools

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Abby Fong

I am so fortunate to teach in a town that has wonderful community engagement! One of the amazing ways that our community rallies around public schools is with our university. For years the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) Baseball team would come to volunteer in my first-grade room and one of our Kindergarten rooms. This was a great partnership and benefitted both the players & the students. We were so sad when budget constraints led to the Baseball program being eliminated from UNK & assumed that was the end of it. However, the wonderful baseball coach (Coach Damon Day) whose children attend our school talked with the Wrestling program and they will carry the torch! My students absolutely LOVE having UNK athletes come in & the coaches say the players love it just as much. It's a great way for my students to see that even the "cool guys" still need to focus on school and is a great way for the players to give back. We are so lucky to have a great public school AND University.

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