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Want tips on how to share your story? Here are some guides to help you connect the message of our stories to what’s happening in your community.

Thank You Letter Template

Here’s a quick way to tell all those who work in education how much you appreciate all they do. 

Feel the Love Fridays

Celebrate with us the first Friday of every month. Wear your gear and tell your school’s story about why you value and support public education. 


Getting Started

The best way to experience our site is to explore the films! Find a film and stream for free. Add to the conversation online. Share the film and what you learned – don’t forget to use #ilovepublicschools.  

Where do you film your stories?

I Love Public Schools started in Nebraska so — for now — our films feature public schools in our home state. However, our stories reflect the successes and challenges happening in classrooms across the country. 

Share our films with your community to start a conversation: iloveps​.org/​films

Are your films free to watch?

Yes! All of our films are free and available to stream online at iloveps​.org/​films

What is Feel the Love Friday?

On the first Friday of every month, we ask educators, students, parents, and community members to wear their I Love Public Schools t‑shirts and share a memory or a story about their public school online along with the hashtag #ilovepublicschools.

When is I Love Public Schools Day 2025?

Mark your calendars. Our 9th annual I Love Public Schools Day is Wednesday, January 15, 2025. 

Can I share your films?

Yes! All of our films are free and available to stream online at iloveps​.org/​films. Many people use our films in organizational meetings, professional development, and to start conversations within their community. 

What is your mental health film series called?

The Mind Inside. Check out the award-winning docuseries that explores the landscape of mental health issues in Nebraska’s public schools. 

Is this a marketing effort for a specific school district?

We are not a marketing effort for a specific school. We seek to tell the stories that reflect and represent all public schools.

Can you come film at my school?

Although we cannot film every single school (we wish we could!) we love to hear your stories. Submit yours now for a chance to be featured. If you think your school is a good fit for an upcoming film topic, please email team@​iloveps.​org.

Can you come present at my school or conference?

We would love to send one of our representatives to your school. Please fill out the online screening request and we will be in touch!