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Allison Petersen

Mrs. Smith’s dog, Millie, having a Zoom meeting with our dog, Lucy, during remote learning.

Mrs. Katherine Smith is a SPED teacher at Exeter-Milligan. Her investment of love and energy into my children is hard to describe or quantify. While she provides services for my youngest son, Katherine has made an impact on each of my four children's lives. During the pandemic, she continued to provide services for my son via Zoom. They developed a special bond when Katherine's small dog got to have virtual visits with our large bulldog. This small act brought a bright spot of joy to the days during a very stressful period in all our lives. As one of our school's track coaches, she has encouraged my children to love running by starting Track Pack for the elementary students. Even though she is a high school coach, she seeks out my jr. high daughter and offers her coaching tips in her running and checks in on how her races went. She has found common ground with each of my children even though they are not part of her caseload, and her impact on their lives will truly last a lifetime.

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