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Allison Wojtkiewicz

Ms. Tingelhoff, now an Instructional Facilitator, was my older daughter’s 3rd grade teacher at Dundee Elementary. She had the greatest impact on my daughter throughout all of her years in OPS, as she is graduating this year from Central High School. Ms. Tingelhoff was always so kind and patient with, not only my daughter, but all of her students. She always had a true open door policy in her classroom and for months, came in early or would stay late to help my daughter with math. She knew she learned best with rhymes or chants, and would develop them just for her, to help teacher her, the way she could learn best. She has been the most fantastic teacher and role model for my daughter, and we still keep in touch today! I can not think of a more loving, kind, deserving teacher than Ms. Tingelhoff. She is truly one of a kind! ❤️

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