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Becki J Kulwicki

Mrs. Bertrand working with her 5th grade students.

As a 5th Grade classroom teacher, McKenzie Bertrand demonstrates many characteristics that I believe qualify her as a strong teacher and a genuinely remarkable person. One of those qualities is her ability to motivate and inspire her students. She enters the classroom each day with the enthusiasm. This enthusiasm, in turn, transfers to her students in the classroom. In spite of any challenges the class may be facing, this spirit continues. Another quality McKenzie possesses is an enjoyment and respect for her students. Through her day-to-day interactions with students, it is evident that she enjoys working with children and respects their various differences.

She holds her students accountable for doing their best in everything they do. I can honestly say she goes above and beyond in every aspect of her job. She leads the way in helping other teachers and is a remarkable advocate for her students. Building relationships with students is one of her super POWERS!

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