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Brent Cudly

Midland and Grant student working together. This Grant student eventually went on to write a book with her Midland U partners!!!

Midland University and Grant Elementary partnered during the 2017–18 school year to benefit both the students at Grant and the students at Midland. By simply moving an education class from Midland University to Grant Elementary, it allowed professors, teachers, and principals to talk with Midland students as they were learning. Rather than learn a concept or theory away from actual kids, our university students were able to quickly apply what they learned and receive feedback from teachers, administrators, and professors.

The direct benefits of this partnership are pretty clear: learning for Midland students and learning for Grant students. However, the benefits don’t end there. We were able to develop relationships with Midland students, allowing us to know which students we would want to hire. The benefits to the general profession are also great. These future teachers are able to have more real classroom experience with immediate feedback.

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