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Brittany Stanton

Building relationships is the foundation of students being successful. As a preschool teacher, we go on home visits at the beginning of the year. This is a great thing because I get to meet the family that I might not normally see at school. The first key to building a relationship is to know about the child's family. When you can relate things back to their family, they enjoy it more. I use this to my advantage when I have a child struggling. Bringing up their siblings or their pets is a wonderful motivator!

There are so many memories that have made me proud to be a teacher. With that being said, I know I have done my job when a child comes to school and doesn't want to leave! The kiddos literally become my second family and to see them pedal a bike for the first time, zip their coat on their own, or be able to say all of the letters in their name makes me the happiest teacher in the world!

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