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Cory Sintek

I work for the Fremont Public Schools and there are so many amazing things we do in our district that exemplifies the passion we have for teaching and being the "best we can be". One of the greatest things I believe we do as teachers/staff district-wide is finding the positive in our students. We are consistently working hard on giving S.P.F. (specific positive feedback) and in return let children, parents, and staff know exactly what they did that was so amazing. I love that when we do celebrations, every single child is included and no one is left out. Whether it be a celebration for how many SPF tickets we collect as a classroom or as a school, or for a fundraiser we may have worked hard or maybe for working hard on our assessments! We are a team here in Fremont and together we help each other from students, staff, parents, and the community to be the "BEST WE CAN BE"!

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