I Love Public Schools I Love Public Schools

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Dee Tuenge

Jumping towards Success!

Feel the Love: My passion is my students, every single day. I have been blessed to be a Public school teacher for 19 years-and a Project SEARCH teacher for my school district for 9 years. The Project SEARCH program (which is a global wide) is for young adults 18-21 with a verified learning disability. We partner with Walmart DC 7018. We work alongside our mentors every day experiencing real-life jobs. Not only does this program provide an opportunity for success for these young adults, it allows them to work in a total inclusive setting and experience work, life and social skills needed to become more independent. Every year comments made by our young adults include - feeling respected, treated like family, learning how to become Independent. This program is a true picture of the difference Public Schools make to all ages of our students.
Once again, Public Schools Rock! Better together! Journey On!

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