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Denise Powell

I'd like to nominate Ann Dirks, second grade teacher at Western Hills Magnet Elementary. We've been fortunate enough to have Mrs. Dirks for both our children, and the love and kindness she's shown them has been invaluable. Our oldest daughter is currently in 6th grade and having a really tough year. When Mrs. Dirks learned she was going through a rough time, she worked with my daughter's current teacher to carve out time for her to come help in her classroom. This little break from the drama of 6th grade has given my daughter a boost of confidence she desperately needed. In addition to what she's done for MY children, Mrs. Dirks and her mom spend the year purchasing backpacks, toys and other goodies (like socks, blankets, etc.). Right before the holiday break, Mrs. Dirks gives each of her students a new backpack filled with toys. You can imagine the joy this brings EVERY child, particularly those in families struggling to make ends meet!

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