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Erin Muller

I have had a student for the past 2 years that I didn't think liked me at all. This year, he is working with a different case manager which I thought he would be happy about. However, on the first day of school, the student came up to me and was really concerned about not having me as his case manager and has come to see me every day for since the first day of school just to check in and say 'Hi." It can be hard to tell how much of an impact you are making until moments like that!

With all of our students in special education, we are trying to prepare them for life after high school. So we help with job applications, interview skills, and identify what their skill sets are and what type of job might fit those skills sets. Throughout that process, I have been a reference on applications for many, many students. Seeing them take off makes me proud to be their teacher.

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