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Evan Lindblad — Nominee

Mr. Lindblad outside Irving Middle School before the first day of school last year.

Mr. Lindblad is the Student Support Center Teacher at Irving Middle School. There was a student that started at Irving as a 6th grader last year and could not go to any of her classes. She would sit by the door and cry most days. However, because of Mr. Lindblad's continual patience, consistency, and structure with his students, only a year later she has been able to overcome her anxiety and attend all of her classes. She now earns 100% on her goal sheet almost everyday.

Mr. Lindblad takes the time to build connections and relationships with each of his students, and it makes all of the difference. You can often find him playing his students in chess- some have even gotten good enough to beat him! Mr. Lindblad's consistency and commitment to connection makes him an exceptional teacher that positively impacts all the students he comes in contact with!

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