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Holly Mayne

Kindness is contagious… Can you catch it?”

At Wilson Focus School, kindness is part of our every day. We start every day with reciting our Lion Pledge as a school. "We pledge to do our best every day and in every way. To be respectful, responsible, and safe. To make our school no place for hate. Showing true Lion pride. ROAR!" Our new kindness initiative is "catching kindness." Ms. Mayne, our Positive Action Center Facilitator, is leading the charge by encouraging our students and staff to shout out people who they see being kind to others. She posted a kindness bulletin board in the busiest hallway of the school where every student and staff members are sure to see it daily. The board says, “Kindness is contagious…Can you catch it?” From there, students take the kindness forms, fill them out, and they get posted on the wall for all to see. Our students have been excited to “catch” and spread kindness.

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