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Jackie Ternus

SRC Grind student serving coffee and breakfast

The Shelby Rising City Middle School and High School Circle of Friend's groups have been busy! In March, they opened a coffee cart on Friday mornings for staff members to purchase coffee and snacks. This weekly event is operated by the Circle of Friend's members and SPED staff. The coffee cart is called the SRC Grind. The SRC Grind is becoming popular for their iced coffees and breakfast foods! Parents and staff have been amazing at helping to cook for the cart. Money skills, daily living skills, and social skills are worked on during operating hours. The SRC Grind made a profit of $500!!!

On May 18, the SRC Circle of Friend's members helped run a Little Feet Meet Special Olympics track day for the elementary students. Members helped run 9 stations that involved physical activity. During this event a check for $300 (part of the profit from the coffee cart) was presented to a representative from Special Olympics. The remaining SRC Grind profits were donated to A Night to Shine.

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