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Jane Dodson

Leading student council members in creating something new for our playground (on a Friday after school!).

I am nominating Trina Gentile as an exceptional educator! Mrs. Gentile is North Park's school counselor. She teaches every student in our school about so many topics. She focuses on self awareness: how to make friends, be kind, make good choices, be an upstander, etc. She is there for students and staff on a one-to-one basis as well anytime it is needed. Trina is also our school's student council advisor. It's a very active group she leads. They meet on a regular basis over her lunch break. The group does altruistic activities for our teachers, our school and our community. Mrs. Gentile organizes Pot Luck lunches for our staff once a month. This helps brings a bigger staff like ours together for camaraderie which is much needed in our busy days. You can always count on Trina to volunteer if help is needed. If schools had more staff members like Trina Gentile, what a wonderful world it would be :) !

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