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Jane Dodson

I am nominating Tracy Dodson as an exceptional educator! Mr. Dodson is a 32 year veteran at Columbus High School. He is an Advanced Manufacturing and Welding Instructor in Career & Technical Education. His knowledge and skills have benefitted a multitude of students. He teaches skills his students take out the doors of CHS and get a job in a manufacturing career and make more money than him! He opens the eyes of his students and doors to promising futures. Mr. Dodson is the SkillsUSA advisor at CHS. He revived the chapter when he started teaching over 30 years ago. His students have earned state and national success with the skills they have learned. Mr. Dodson has donated thousands of hours after school to his students, school, district and the community. He is an extremely hard worker. He played a leading role in bringing industry leaders into the educational world which brought untold benefits for CHS students. Mr. Dodson is truly an exceptional educator!

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