I Love Public Schools I Love Public Schools

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Jeffrey Horner

I teach with some amazing individuals. I have been blessed to watch my kids grow up with the best role models of character and kindness in their classrooms. It is hard to narrow down to just one teacher; however, if you asked my kids who was there for them during their time at Minden High School, it would be their junior English teacher, Miss Oberg. She goes so far beyond teaching students how to write well and punctuate correctly. She invests in them as a person. She sends postcards home to them to encourage them. She watches out for their well-being on a daily basis. She checks in when kids seem to be having a bad day. When she asks a student, "How are you?" she isn't just saying hello, she REALLY wants to know how that student is doing. She takes her job as an English instructor very seriously, but she takes her job as a role model to our youth even more seriously. She is a champion for education and is loved by the students she has the honor to teach each year.

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