I Love Public Schools I Love Public Schools

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Jen Mulder

Well, my story is really about my boss, Bob Hausmann, who has created an amazing team at our school and who promotes four to one positive to corrective interactions with students. To create a community in a school is a special thing. It makes coming to work easy, and it makes our job-teaching kids- a breeze. While it’s not a standout story of over-the-top kindness, it’s a daily, consistent buzz of urgency, true love of a job, and a commitment to a school. See, Bob attended North Park as a child. He bleeds Explorer blood. This place is special to him, so he chooses to fill it with exceptional people who will keep the same commitment he has-to make sure every child succeeds by making every child love school. To clarify, I am not exceptional, but I believe every person at my school truly is extraordinary. I am lucky to be there. I love our school and the students there. Being an Explorer is exactly what I always wanted to be. Thank you, Bob.

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