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Julie Porter Patchen

Julie has been a music teacher for over 20 years. Her students and their parents, along with the people she has worked with love her. She is innovative with her ideas and the way she excites and motivates her students. Her past students see her after years of being out of school always come and give her a hug and say thank you for being my teacher. She does extraordinary things in her classroom. She always is thinking of her students and ways to invole all of them in learning a live of music. She along with her teaching in school she has given private lessons and still be strongly involved in her family and her own children's sports activities. She never misses seeing her own children's games or tournaments. She has strong values and a love of music. Music is her life along with her family. Julie is always professional, compassionate and caring with all who meet her. This is only part of why I believe with all my heart that she should be music teacher of the year.

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