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Karie Lehn Martin

Mark Ankersen (better known as "Mr. Mark) is more than a school custodian. Not only does he care for the daily needs of the school, but he is constantly creating visual masterpieces that welcome our students and families. He interacts with the students every day, our school could not function without him.

Earlier in the year, we had Kindness Week. One day, students were to dress up like any staff member. Multiple students wanted to dress up like "Mr. Mark". One boy was handing out PBIS tickets to peers. When asked what he was doing, he replied "I'm being kind like Mr. Mark". Another student was asked by his mom who he would want to dress up as. Without hesitation, he stated "Mr. Mark". This child's mom wrote this statement "Mark, you make such a positive influence on the students. All of your hard work and dedication shows. You are definitely making an impact on the students."

Milliken Park Mustangs love you "Mr. Mark"! Thank you for everything!

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