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I nominate Mrs Blach as an exceptional educator because she would teach learning letters and numbers and make it fun. We would have to lay on the rug and make the number she calls out. Mrs. Blach was knowledgeable about letters, numbers, colors, animals, and such more. Ever since I started to be in her class, she taught me how to be a young lady. She taught me a lot of things, and I turned into a young lady. Miss Blach has done a lot for me; she’s been the best teacher that anyone can ask for. She helped me with every color, number, letter, and animal. She helped me by sounding out words. She helped me a lot, and I appreciate her a lot. Mrs. Blach was always and will always be forever my favorite elementary teacher. I appreciate her so much, and she helped me turn into a young lady. She saw me go from a little girl to a young, amazing young lady, and I love her so much.

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