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Kylynn Wagner

Mr. Gaylor was my homeroom teacher my senior year of high school at Central. This was about 8 years ago now (wow). My best friend and I, Holly Davis, would come in late EVERY. DAY. But, in our defense, walking up to the actual building of Central from the available parking was quite the feat (if you know, you know). So, you know it wasn’t ALWAYS out fault. He would roll eyes and let us in with a little smile. I remember feeling so cool I got to come into school on a Saturday for a DECA related activity and his sweet doggie was there. I have since forgotten the name but I know he loved that doggie more than anything! Wow Mr. Gaylor, if you have made an impact on lil ole me I can’t imagine the impact you’ve made on the thousands of students that walked through your door. Thank you for dedicating your life to us. You are one in a million.

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