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Laura Enos

I have long admired Edie Ronhovde as a #BeKind role model ever since we began teaching together 10 years ago at Fremont Middle School. I first knew her as "that lady that constantly emails the staff about helping other people/students". Whether it was a coat drive, bike drive, creating a free store in our school to help our children who are financially struggling receive clothing, shoes, and toiletries, training her canine to be a therapy dog for our students, reaching out into the community by visiting care homes with her dog, Macy, housing groups through her church in her home, collecting items for her own children who are also teachers and who are also working with children of poverty, the list goes on! Edie is retiring this year and her legacy will hopefully live on with the high-standard of giving that she role models for the rest of us every day. She simply LOVES helping others.

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