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LeNell Quinn

My name is LeNell Quinn and I teach Vocal Music at Winside Public School. I am most proud of our tradition of honoring our local Legion Post and Veterans by participating in Veterans Day and Memorial Day Programs. I am a graduate of Winside High School so I can say that we have been participating for 40+ years. Even though the world has become a much busier place, our students carry on that tradition each year. Usually school is finished before Memorial Day. There is no grading incentive to show up and provide music for the program, and yet we have a great turn out year after year. Our students show up early to load stands, instruments, equipment, and a piano and stay to pack up when we're done. My daughter is one of many trumpet players who rode the bus early in the morning on Memorial Day and still attends funerals to play taps. I would like to salute the parents and students of Winside Public School for supporting Post #252 and thank them for supporting us!

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