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Nicole Everingham

Mrs. Burney and Kenzie before PE

Mrs. Burney, PE, Westridge Elementary Mrs. Burney is everyone’s favorite PE teacher. She’s always upbeat and greets every single child in the building with a smile. She helps students lower their level of stress, fall in love with physical activity, and try new sports. If you are in her gym, you’ll learn good sportsmanship---and that lessons are learned from both winning and losing. Outside the gym, you can find Mrs. Burney reading with students. Every morning, she has a group of students that read to her as an intervention to improve their fluency. Not only is Mrs. Burney a favorite with the students, but she is also a favorite with her peer teachers. She is always organizing activities and lending a helping hand. Just this year, for the start of the Winter Olympics, Mrs. Burney helped create a school buzz about the games. Each class became a different country, there was a torch that traveled from room to room, shuffleboard with celebrity athletes and opening ceremonies.

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