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Patty Smith

Fairbury Central Elementary principal Patty Smith

Central Elementary has outstanding teachers, support staff, and students. We base all decisions on data and use a school-wide screening system to help us provide the best support for everyone.

Two years ago I changed the way students were dropped off in the mornings. I was watching students struggle because of a difficult morning before they arrived at school. I decided to place adults at the front for buses and the back for car drop off and on each corner. No matter how students arrived, there were opportunities for them to have at least 3 positive interactions before they entered the building.

Last year when we closed due to COVID we had a parade so the students could say goodbye to their teacher and hello to their new teacher. I could hear the voice of a little boy calling my name. When I finally found him I saw him wipe away tears. It broke my heart and made me cry. However, it made me realize how important we are to students and how much they need us especially during COVID.

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