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Rylee Hofmann

Karey Killion helps a student work through a math problem.

Each day at High Plains Community, I look forward to first period math because I have Mrs. Karey Killion as a teacher. I enjoy this class because Mrs. Killion encourages me to do my best and to never give up. She does this because she has high expectations. When I take a MAPs test, she congratulates me when I get a higher score, and if my score goes down, I know she is still proud. She reminds me that there is nothing to worry about because I will get it next time. She makes this class fun because we do activities and games to help us learn the skills she is teaching. We’ve played Booklet, and the competition makes me want to do my best to get better. It’s not all fun and games though; she makes us work hard on all of our assignments. It’s these reasons she makes me want to learn. This class is an amazing start to my day because Mrs. Killion is an amazing teacher!

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